Hindustan Industries Blog http://www.hindind.in/blog/ Latest Products Fri, 23 Feb 2024 16:25:12 +0530 en-us http://www.hindind.in Cleated Conveyor Belt Exporters http://www.hindind.in/blog/cleated-conveyor-belt-exporters_5398.htm Wed, 24 Jun 2015 14:40:45 +0530 Cleated Belt Conveyors ā€“ For Safe and Higher Productivity When it comes to handling material flow inside a manufacturing facility, conveyor belts play a crucial role. They are used to continuously move the raw materials or intermediary process materials or even finished products across the floor and up and down, making it easier to handle the flow. Among the many types of conveyors that are used by the industry, cleated belt conveyors play a vital role in many industries. There are a number of cleated conveyor belt exporters in India and they can make your process much better and more productive.General Description of Cleated ConveyorsThese conveyors are mainly used where the conveyor is at an incline. When the products being carried are such that they can fall off the conveyor, the cleats are provided to hold the material. In the case of packages movement across the conveyor also, cleat conveyors are useful since they offer the resistance and the grip required to avoid the package from slipping. Even within the category of cleat conveyors, there are a few types primarily based on the shape of the cleats. In terms of the material used, it is usually rubber, but of the nitrile or butyl composition, so that the cleats can remain firm and also endure the tough conditions in a typical manufacturing environment. There are PVC cleats also in some applications. The frequently preferred shape is the ā€˜Vā€™ shaped cleat, but straight ones and in certain cases side protections conveyors can also be found. Many times the cleat shape is determined by the slope of the incline as well as the character of the material being handled by the conveyor. The basic conveyor belt would be made in heavy duty rubber and would be designed to ensure smooth movement over the pulleys or guide rollers. Key Areas of ApplicationsCleated conveyor belts find increasing applications in the industries handling minerals, like coal, steel, metals and so on. Besides these, cleated conveyors can also be used in industries like sugar cement and construction industry as well. But if your manufacturing process needs a specific shape and material of construction you can approach one of the <a href="http://www.hindind.in/cleated-conveyor-belt.htm"><b>cleated conveyor belt exporters</b></a> and provide your requirements and get it specially made in the customized design. All manufacturing and process industries will need belt conveyors to make their processes better and efficient and will improve the productivity of the industry. Cleated conveyor belts are always preferable to the plain conveyors for many reasons indicated aboive. How can Hygienic Conveyor Belt in India help the food industry? http://www.hindind.in/blog/how-can-hygienic-conveyor-belt-in-india-help-the-food-industry_5667.htm Wed, 16 Sep 2015 17:59:56 +0530 In the food industry, a good hygiene is the most crucial thing. However, there are many companies who fail to realize that if the right type of production line is used, it will promote better sanitation for the food produced.Ā  Thus, it is necessary to use the tight conveyor belt which is easy to use and at the same time gives effective cleaning. Besides, such a product ensures that the stringent standards of sanitation are followed to promote the superior programs of hygienic conditions associated with food. You may find quality Hygienic Conveyor Belt in India, USA and in many other countries and notice that such countries never compromise with hygiene when it comes to food. Know more about the Hygienic Conveyor BeltThe food industry needs such type of products on a large scale. While choosing the conveyor belts, the company needs to make a good research on it. Remember, not all sorts of belts made of plastic can provide you with better sanitation. Hence, choose the company that believes in providing the best hygienic conveyor belts and believes in using the advanced technology. With the right blend of technology and good material, the capacity of protecting the food is more, even in the adverse conditions. Where is the demand for such product the most?Sugar Industry Food Products organization, tea estates and Pharmaceutical Sectors need such Hygienic Belts on a large scale. Besides, they are approved by the FDA and are used by organizations where the packing is done in bulk quantities. Other than hygienic Conveyor Belt, you may also try Industrial, Heat and fire Resistant Conveyor Belt too. These have more or less similar features but certainly offer the best protection. Nobody would like to compromise with the food that is being manufactured. Food industry certainly has the main responsibility to ensure that food is packed and sealed in a proper way. With the right use of conveyor belt, the worry of packing the goods hygienically certainly reduces. Such types of products are reliable, durable, and come with a good tensile strength. These basic features certainly make the conveyor belt more useful and in high demand. Generally, it is advised to be used to handle the foodstuff such as bakery, tea, confectionery, and medicines too. Other than this, it is ideal to make the product odorless and make the non-toxic elastomers. It comes with abrasion resistance and has oil resistant cover grades too.